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36th Annual WVNEC Symposium Coming May 2024

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June 14, 2023 -  Attempted Suicide in a Patient with a DNR Order:  What Should You Do?

Suicide is an important problem among older adults.  Suicide rates are particularly high among older men with men over the age of 85 having the highest rate of any group in the United States.  Risk factors for suicide in older adults include depression, social isolation, and physical illness with disability and pain. 

Responding to a patient who has attempted suicide who also has a do not resuscitate (DNR) order presents a challenging ethical dilemma.  The medical literature gives reasons both to honor and not honor a DNR order after a suicide attempt.  Although the default position in medicine is to preserve life, it may be appropriate to withhold cardiopulmonary resuscitation attempts in certain situations with suicidal patients.  Hear our interdisciplinary panel discuss this particularly complex ethical dilemma and identify circumstances when it may be appropriate to honor a DNR order after a suicide attempt. 


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